WiSP Care Products was never really intended to exist; it all started when John Geden an Army veteran turned beekeeper met with injured veterans at the Help For Heroes recovery centre at Tidworth in Wiltshire. He quickly realised that the answer to their discomfort from wearing prosthetic limbs lay within his beehives. He knew that the combination of beeswax, honey and the powerful healing provided by propolis could be mad into a skin balm to alleviate their soreness. And so he set about making a few batches and giving them to some of his former colleagues. A chance meeting many months later then took it to the next stage….

Introduced by a mutual friend and mentor, company directors John Geden and Debbie Mulkern first met each other in 2016 at a small tea rooms in the New Forest. It didn’t take long to realise that the knowledge, passion and enthusiasm that both of them held for helping charitable causes would become a powerful driving force.

The company was formed in 2018 although many months of planning and discussion took place prior to that. The basic plan was simple…let’s use the ingredients from Johns beehives, combined with his back-story, and help Wounded and Injured Service Personnel by creating a balm that helped to soothe and heal damaged skin. However let’s think bigger, after all this balm is 100% natural and will soothe and heal any damaged skin so now it is not just not just for wounded servicemen and women but for anyone and that increased market will allow us to donate a third of the profits to Help For Heroes, the place it all started..!

Of course, we needed a name for this product and WIS is the abbreviation used by the military to describe ‘Wounded Injured and Sick’ Personnel, and so with a little bit of word play it wasn’t difficult to come up with ‘WiSP Balm’ (Link to WiSP Balm page) and so the basic concept and our first product was born.

But it didn’t stop there!! It wasn’t long before Debbie and John realised that if we can help one charity we should start working on a range of products that help different charities and that is the stage that we are at right now….over the next 3-5 years WiSP Care Products will aim to produce other natural cosmetic products with ingredients sourced directly from the beehive each unique and each supporting a different charity.

So at the time of writing this story we are busy working on a variety of products and seeking charities that they may support. We have a few ideas and we are excited about the future and where this journey may take us…keep watching!

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Debbie Mulkern

Debbie has been a qualified aromatherapist for over 20 years and has lived and worked in Australia and Hong Kong. She is also a trained natural perfumier and designs bespoke perfumes for customers, teaches workshops on natural perfumery and is a consultant to spas and natural fragrance companies. Read More

john geden

John Geden

Born in Kent in 1966 John joined the British Army in 1983, he served in a variety of operational theatres including the conflict in Northern Ireland and in 1989 after a gruelling year at Sandhurst he was commissioned into the Corps of Royal Military Police.

He completed roles as an Operations officer, Platoon Commander and latterly he commanded the para provost an elite unit of Military Police embedded within the UK’s airborne forces brigade.. Read More